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Master Trainer

Pawan kumar

Pawan Kumar Singh – an experienced and professional NLP Master,
speaker with a spiritual mind, serving various Brands.

Pawan Kumar Singh – an experienced and professional motivational speaker with spiritual bugs in mind, serving various Brands and companies could not camouflage his raving urge to fulfill his inner voice of disseminating the art of healthy, peaceful, and successful living to people at large.

Pawankumar Singh
International Master Trainer of NLP & Hypnosis
Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Hypno Therapist
Time Line Therapy Trainer & Therapist
Certified Business & Spiritual Coach

NLP programs, also known as Neuro- linguistic programming, are software applications designed to understand and analyze human language. They utilize various techniques and algorithms to process, interpret, and generate natural language

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We offer effective & secure counseling.

The Difference that make the difference

What We Offer


With Pawan’s NLP therapy, you can expect a supportive and non-judgmental environment where you can explore your concerns and work towards personal development. Our therapists will collaborate with you to create tailored interventions that address your unique needs and aspirations

Reverse Engineering Brain.

Let’s burst your mental block with us by your quality session

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Pawan’s NLP is India’s leading organisation for accredited NLP & Coach training, offering the internationally recognised NLP & Business training system. You can gain all the skills you need right here

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Get expert therapy today for the future.

Through our therapy sessions, we help individuals gain insights into their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, allowing them to identify patterns and make positive changes. Our approach is future-oriented, aiming to equip clients with the necessary tools and strategies to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

What We Do

Our therapists are skilled in various NLP techniques, such as reframing, anchoring, and visualization, which are used to facilitate personal growth and transformation.

The Opportunities

To experienced change, to bring love, harmony & compassion in life. Able to improve the best version of self and enjoy cherismatic, magnatic & dynamic life by communicating with own unconcsious brain.
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Lifechanging Stories that Our Clients Share

Incredible results! Pawanls NLP’s expertise in natural language processing
surpassed our expectations and enhanced our business efficiency.

Transformed my life. The training program empowered me with valuable skills and a deeper sense of purpose.

Vikas Dubey

Vikas Dubey

Business Owner

Attending NLP Trainer program was a game-changer. The knowledge and support I received were outstanding.

Samantha Shah

Samantha Shah

Fashion Model

His spiritual wisdom and practical guidance helped me overcome obstacles and find inner peace.

Natasha Shroff

Natasha Shroff


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Madina Lawrence

Madina Lawrence

Senior Manager
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